What to Do If You Are in an Accident

Make sure you know exactly what to do when you've had an accident. We encourage you to print this checklist and store it in your vehicle's glove compartment.

  1. Make sure everyone is safe. 
  2. Call 911 if anyone is injured or if emergency medical, fire, or police services are needed. 
  3. Capture the following information: 
    • Location, date and time of accident
    • Names, addresses and phone numbers of all drivers and passengers
    • License information of all involved drivers
    • License plate numbers and vehicle descriptions
    • Injuries to you and others
    • Names and telephone numbers of witnesses
    • Photos via your cell phone or camera
  4. Call Pilgrim Insurance at 800-721-8294.

    You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week to report your claim.

  5. File a police report (if necessary).

    If your accident occurred in Massachusetts, you should file an accident report within five days if damages exceed $1,000 and/or there was an injury.

  6. Get a copy of your accident report. 


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